Home is Where The Heart is

Nothing beats the comfort of home when one is facing health challenges.

That's why Tetsuyu Home Care brings complete nursing, medical and therapy Care in the Convenience of your home, while maintaining Connectivity between you and your medical care team through technology.


The Tetsuyu Difference

Beyond Private Home Nursing, A Holistic Healthcare Journey

A Care Manager (registered nurse) supervised by a doctor is assigned to you to take care of all your needs in your personalised Care Plan, supported by a local medical team and our proprietary technology, the Tetsuyu Home Care Connect (THCC) application.

CARES@HOME by Tetsuyu

CARES@HOME is our unique Home Care Management system to enable our home care team to provide seamless, integrated and quality multi-disciplinary care.

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How Home Care Helps You

Saves Time
Tetsuyu has all the professional nursing, medical and therapy care expertise, equipment and supplies including prescription medications delivered to your home.
Saves You Money
Your personalised care plan is tailored to your individual needs so you only pay for what you need.
Supports CareGivers
We provide customised Caregiver Training Courses and other support such as respite care, medical escort and stress management counselling.

Who can benefit from Home Care?

Patients who are home-bound, and require medical and nursing services for:

Elderly Care
Old Age
Transitional Care
eg. post stroke and surgery
Long Term Care
Chronic Diseases
eg. stroke and dementia
Palliative Care
End-Of-Life Care
eg. cancer and COPD



Patient & Caregiver Stories

Stories of Home Care Patients in Japan
"Tetsuyu home care service is very convenient and professional. My mother had massive bleeding in her brain from ruptured aneurysm and required intensive rehabilitation in the community hospital. With Tetsuyu'sprofessional assistance, home care is feasible. My mother is much happier at home and her recovery progress has improved remarkably."
- Nina, Daughter of Mdm P
"Tetsuyu home care nurses are caring and very professional. My mother is now well settled at home and is actually responding to us in her own way. Her caregivers are well trained and overseen by Tetsuyu nurses. With Tetsuyu's 24/7 on call coverage I am assured of help anytime. Home care has worked well for us"
- Ms A, Daughter of Mdm H
"To give her certain level of comfort, doctors suggested that we bring her home and at the same time recommended Tetsuyu Home Care to take care of her."
- Ms S Teo, daughter of patient
"The convenience of having my wound cared for and physio at home... was definitely a plus factor."
- Mdm P Yeo, post Hip Replacement Surgery patient
"As I don't live in Singapore and can only visit my mom for a few days in a month, I am assured that she is receiving the best medical care and attention during my absence."
- Ms L Yap, daughter of home bound patient with Dementia and chronic diseases
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The Tetsuyu Home Care Cost Advantage

Home Care can cost less than Hospital Care

Long term hospitalisation and institutional costs can be a huge financial burden to many.

Source: Ministry of Health and Agency for Integrated Care websites, information as of 1 January 2016.
Average Hospital Bill for patients admitted for investigation for fainting (syncope) and collapse (from hypo/hypertension) without serious complications. Hospital charges are net of relevant subsidies for each ward class but may include medication, consumables and tests. www.moh.gov.sg/costs_and_financing/hospitalbillsizes
Community Hospital charges do not reflect subvention or further subsidies available after means-testing. www.aic.sg
Tetsuyu Home Care charges are computed to reflect the total cost of a care plan for an acute home-bound patient ($4,650) plus the cost of a full-time domestic helper ($800).
The illustrated Tetsuyu care plan includes: 1x/week Doctor visit, 3x/week Tele-consult with doctor or specialist, 3x/week Nurse visit, 1x/week Therapist visit and 12hrs/week Healthcare Aide support.

How affordable is Tetsuyu Home Care

For patients suited to home care, Tetsuyu Home Care helps to reduce costs by ensuring that you only pay for what you need. We provide the full range of nursing, medical and therapy services from simple procedures to acute care.


We also customise care packages to meet your individual needs and budget. Find out how affordable a Tetsuyu Home Care Monthly Package can be.
We are building a Home Care Model that we will want for our own parents
Dr. Shinsuke Muto
Co-Founder & Medical Director (Admin)
Tetsuyu Home Care

Who is Tetsuyu Home Care

Proven Japanese Healthcare Model, Customised for Singapore

Tetsuyu is co-founded by Dr Shinsuke Muto, a Japanese Cardiologist and leading Home Care Specialist. His practice, You Home Clinic looks after over 1,000 patients with 24,000 home visits yearly in Tokyo and the Miyagi Prefecture.

Tetsuyu Home Care is designed based on the Japanese home care model but adapted to the needs of the elderly and patients in Singapore.

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Why we started Tetsuyu Home Care
All Tetsuyu nurses are locally trained and registered with the Singapore Nursing Board. 

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