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* Note on Care Needs Assessment:
(i) Questionaire is adapted from Resident Needs Assessment Form for Nursing Homes used by Ministry of Health, Singapore
(ii) Questionaire is used as a guide only for purpose of estimation of needs, care and costs. Actual needs subject to formal care assessment by care managers
(iii) Special Procedure assumed to take 15 mins
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* Note:
(i) Specialist Remote Supervision refers to Care Managers consulting with and receiving instructions from Specialists remotely about patient matters eg. medication, treatment, nutrition, etc.
(ii) The above cost estimate was prepared based on your inputs to the care needs assessment questionnaire and our estimation of care required. It serves as a guide only. Actual needs are subject to formal care assessment by care managers and cost estimates may vary.
Care Needs Level Score Patient Condition
Category 1 < 6 Physically and mentally independent. May or may not require walking aids. Needs no or minimal assistance in Activities of Daily Living (ADL).
Category 2 7 - 24 Ambulant with minimal assistance from 1 person. May be mildly demented. Require some supervision in ADL such as transfer, feeling, toileting, personal grooming.
Category 3 25 - 48 Wheelchair bound or ambulant with moderate assistance from 1 to 2 persons. Need supervision most of the time and require help in ADL.
Category 4 > 48 Bedredden. Require total assistance and supervision for every aspect of ADL.


(Estimated costs for 30 days)

Source: Ministry of Health and Agency for Integrated Care websites, information as of 1 January 2016.
Average Hospital Bill for patients admitted for investigation for fainting (syncope) and collapse (from hypo/hypertension) without serious complications. Hospital charges are net of relevant subsidies for each ward class but may include medication, consumables and tests. www.moh.gov.sg/costs_and_financing/hospitalbillsizes
Community Hospital charges do not reflect subvention or further subsidies available after means-testing. www.aic.sg
Tetsuyu Home Care charges are computed to reflect the total cost of a care plan for an acute home-bound patient ($4,650) plus the cost of a full-time domestic helper ($800).
The illustrated Tetsuyu care plan includes: 1x/week Doctor visit, 3x/week Tele-consult with doctor or specialist, 3x/week Nurse visit, 1x/week Therapist visit and 12hrs/week Healthcare Aide support.
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