Care Management and Robot Applications to raise productivity and quality in eldercare

Helping eldercare providers raise staff productivity
and care quality through seamless collaboration.

Imagine a future where care teams at home care, nursing homes and hospitals work hand in hand on patient care without the limitations of distance or missing information. Where hospital nurses assess, treat and monitor patient wounds alongside community care staff real time without leaving the hospital. Where specialists doctors “walk” bed to bed at nursing homes during ward rounds, order treatment plans and chat with patients without being physically onsite. Or where nursing home nurses make evening ward rounds without leaving her work station. And where the multi-disciplinary care teams review patient progress together using a shared patient care dashboard.

Challenges for ILTC providers

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    Staff Shortage

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    Quality & Skill sets

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    & Travel time

This is now possible with the new CARES applications from Tetsuyu. Introducing our CARES@HOME, CARES2TALK for telehealth and CARES4WOUNDS for remote wound management.

Tetsuyu’s CARES applications aim to solve some of the challenges faced by ILTC providers such as staff shortage, quality and skillsets, productivity and highly manual processes. Care providers at the acute, primary and community care settings are not always well connected leading to communication and care gaps.

CARES@HOME is a home care management application that enables care providers to raise productivity and deliver quality care. The app comes with administrative and clinical tools, automation, knowledge database, insights and an easy to use interface across a choice of devices. images

Leveraging the embedded automation, Home Care teams can manage operations end to end from enquiries to matching of care staff with right skills, assignment and even route planning. Doctors and nurses have 24/7 access to patient information, medical history, clinical assessment tools, case notes, alerts and trending dashboards. Tasks will not be missed out as care plans are linked to clinicians’ schedules. Patient’s conditions are easily monitored through a “traffic light” system and escalation made based on thresholds set. The entire care team is connected real time via live chats.

Features and Benefits


    Cloud Based system. 24 /7 access to patient
    information, anytime, anywhere, across a choice of devices


    Automation in clinical workflows and access to telehealth for quality and consistent delivery


    Automation in scheduling, route optimization, task management, document and image handling and telehealth


    Seamless and real time information sharing among care team for effective multi-disciplinary collaboration


    Privacy and security features. Availability of audit trail. Configurable role-based access matrix


    Enable Multi-Disciplinary Reviews and Training


    Access to care assessment, planning and review tools, patient dashboards, case notes, test reports, alerts and trending.


    Disease, medication, problem list database embedded to reduce writing time, raise quality of care and facilitate clinical education


    Web responsive, dropdown list and picture references to minimize writing and an easy to use interface.

CARES2TALK is a telehealth application that combines the benefits of video-conferencing technology and tele-presence robots to allow clinicians to conduct consultations remotely from any device. images

Clinicians can “walk” from patient to patient during tele-ward rounds using the tele-operation feature from a choice of devices e.g. mobile phone and locations. This allows them to remotely control what they wish to see and have a better appreciation of the patient’s environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Enable TeleWard rounds via high quality
    Video-conferencing and Telepresence Robot.
    Compact and mobile equipment.

  • Enable Multi-Disciplinary Reviews and Training

  • Provides Access to patient dashboards, clinical notes, history and test reports.

  • Accessible via a choice of devices such as mobile phones

  • Works with 4G or Wifi Connection

  • Good picture (up to HD resolution) and audio quality

  • Telepresence Robots with Obstacle Detection for user safety

Tapping onto the CARES@HOME clinical module, clinicians can also access and update patient dashboards, history, reports and tests results during any consultations. The telepresence robot comes with obstacle detection to ensure safety within the ward. The module also supports multidisciplinary team reviews.

CARES4WOUNDS is a woundcare application for clinicians to take 2D and 3D images of wound, measure, record and monitor progress for early interventions both onsite or remotely. images

Care staff can capture and store 2D and 3D images of wounds with this easy to use application on a tablet attached with a 3D scanner. Measurements are taken with a simple finger or stylus touch function. Other attributes are easily recorded with an intelligent drop down list with accompanying visual references to minimize writing and facilitate clinical education.

Wound progress is trended and escalated for early intervention e.g. via teleconsultations. Senior Nurses at hospital can request for video consult via CARES2TALK and assess patient with nursing home care staff with access to wound history and progress. They can also take a photo of the wound remotely. Similarly, Doctors can review wounds during the teleward rounds using CARES2TALK.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use all-in-one wound management
    application with image (2D and 3D) capture
    and storage, measurement, other records

  • Runs on iOS tablet / phone with a light and
    portable 3D scanner

  • Image capture can be made onsite or remotely

  • Dropdown list and visual references to minimize writing and mistakes.

  • Insights via dashboard, trending charts
    and alerts.

  • Enables remote monitoring by senior clinicians via access to patient wound images and dashboards

  • Supports remote wound
    consultations / reviews and teleward rounds via CARES2TALK

  • Facilitates clinician training
    and education via easy to use interface
    and visual references

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