A Society Where The Elderly Live Happily

Understanding what your elderly desire will help you to provide a better care for them.

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CARES4WOUNDS Featured on Channel 8 News with Renci
As the first in the ILTC sector to deploy automated 3D wound management system, Renci... read more
Today Newspaper: Healing help
Such privilege to make a difference in patients 'lives and help support caregivers!'... read more
20 Oct 2016: NHK “Rising”

Medical Innovation, Supporting and Aging Society.

Watch Prof Shinsuke Muto and his care teams in Japan and Singapore transform the face of Homecare.

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Healthcare costs: How to sweeten the pill

The Future of Health: Full roundtable discussion.

Panellist: Tetsuyu Home Care Co-founder, Ng Li Lian 

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Tetsuyu Home Care Connect (THCC)
Tetsuyu Home Care Connect Please watch the video to learn more about our Tetsuyu Home Care Connect App... read more
How Home Care can help Patients reduce total cost
How Home Care can help Patients Reduce total cost of care... read more
From Hospital to Home, Mount Alvernia Tetsuyu Home
From Hospital to Home, Mount Alvernia Tetsuyu Home... read more
Today Newspaper: Home Care with a Difference
Tetsuyu's model of care is designed to help our elderly stay at home with dignity and quality.... read more
Sunday Times Article “Lessons from Japan”
Lessons from Japan in caring for the elderly.... read more
Body and Soul Interview with Dr Shinsuke Muto

Is there a solution for patients who are unable to make trips to the hospital?

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A Society Where The Elderly Live Happily
A Society Where The Elderly Live Happily Watch Dr Shinsuke Muto share at TEDxUTokyo his vision on how technology can empower us to meet the needs of the elderly... read more
Dealing with Caregiver Guilt
Dealing with Caregiver Guilt One of the feelings that causes caregiver stress is guilt. Many times, the guilt goes unrecognized and accumulates into something overwhelming that drains away your energy. The feeling of guilt grows easily when you are juggling between fulfilling your work, raising your kids and caring for your parents. When you miss... read more