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Tetsuyu Caregiver Training Courses

Our courses have a structured syllabus that is customised based on the following parameters:

Patient condition;
Caregiver competency; and
Family situations

Upon evaluation of the caregiver’s competency, we will conduct refresher courses as and when necessary*. Follow up training reviews and refresher training courses are also available*. Our courses are approved for the Caregiver Training Grant (CTG), which allows for course fees to be partially covered.

Our Basic Caregiver Training course (the ‘ABCs of Caregiving’ Course) is accredited by the Agency for Integrated Care.

*Separate charges apply

Caregiver training
Dementia Care
Dementia Care

Dementia Care

We understand the emotional toll of caring for loved ones with dementia – a complex disease that requires special attention and management to improve your loved ones’ quality of life. Tetsuyu offers a course in which qualified nurses equip participants with the following:

A better understanding of dementia;
Strategies for coping with daily care;
The ability to manage challenging behaviours; and
Managing caregiver stress

Participants should also learn that the adoption of the right mindset and communication skills can result in optimal patient and caregiver outcomes.

Caregiver webinars


To equip our community with skills and knowledge they need to help provide care to elderly individuals and learn more about home care, Tetsuyu offers a range of training sessions in different topics. These webinars include group discussions, informative videos and other content.

Current Webinars:

  • Emergency Response at Home
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  • More webinars coming soon!
Caregiver webinars


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