For Individual Caregivers

Tetsuyu provides a comprehensive range of procedures and care services.

Nursing Procedure Services*

  • Simple to Complex Wound Care
  • Phlebotomy and Venepuncture (Blood Taking and Blood Test)
  • Replacement of Feeding Tube/Urine Catheter
  • Suctioning of Tracheostomy/Oral Suctioning
  • Holistic Assessment, Vital Signs Monitoring and Medical Escalation to Primary Doctors
  • Dementia Care Program
  • Caregiver Training and Support
  • Mobility Programme – in collaboration with Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist

*Our nursing procedures start at $90

Nursing procedures

Dementia Therapy

Our nurses provide Dementia Therapy in a set of 10 sessions. These sessions aim to improve and maintain patients’ quality of life through a customised individual programme.

Our Dementia Therapy sessions have several benefits:

Regular Care Assessments personalised Care Plans and reviews as and when necessary;
Meaningful activities that help to increase cognitive mental and physical engagement;
Monitoring disease progress while primary caregivers are busy; and
Providing companionship and improving moods.

Besides Dementia Therapy, Tetsuyu also offers the following therapy services:

Speech therapy

Speech therapy helps to treat communication and swallowing disorders that are caused by accidents or illnesses.


Occupational Therapy helps individuals recover from functional limitations in daily activities of living and hobbies.

Occupational therapy

Physiotherapy improves the mobility and physical functions of individuals which have become impaired due to accidents or illnesses.

Caregiver Training Classes

Our Caregiver Training courses are accredited by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).